Hello World. I am Brand Manager at RTS Radio Télévision Suisse.

Some says it has always been all about… todo lists. But not only (lucky as I am)…

Aestheticism has always been a thread, in every fields. I love to observe beauty and elegance in movements, nature, sounds, design, architecture, photographs and of course in people’s mind.

« Pretty little things » has said Fink. Subtlety.

As a parallel of the previous paragraph, curiosity guides me through my discoveries. I like to see a sound, hear a movement, touch a sunshine. Feel what’s beyond.

Philanthropist, my thoughts are dedicated to the refugees crisis, the animal cause, the education, the consumerism, the feminism and the protection of the environment.

I love justice and I am idealistic. Whatever happens, you can count on my loyalty. And my big mouth.

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Ah and don’t grow up, it’s a trap